Custom software-as-a-service database applications

OSPREYsaas is now available to select customers, delivering secure, extensible, scalable, custom software-as-a-service database applications. Each OSPREYsaas subscription is provisioned as a private PostgreSQL database back-end coupled with an intuitive browser-based application front-end; data transfered encrypted via SSL*. All OSPREYsaas subcriptions include weekly encrypted full data backups, with options to add daily data backups.

OSPREYsaas database applications are built using Aguila's OSPREYworkbench framework to fast-track programming. We can deliver small-scale projects in days rather than weeks; deliver medium-scale projects in weeks rather than months.

Customer projects are never billed for application programming. Projects are simply billed (i) initially, for user requirements analysis**, and databse modeling; (ii) a monthly OSPREYsaas subscription fee. Subscriptions are priced at a fraction of the costs to run your own server, database, application and network infrastructure.

OSPREYsaas subscriptions are offered pay-as-you-go monthly, billed only as services are delivered; prepayments not required***. Customers can add, and/or de-activate, user accounts from day-to-day, as needed. OSPREYsaas subscription fees are calculated based on the number of active user accounts, tallied daily, over each billing cycle.

To request a demo user account contact Aguila Systems.

*SSL: Secure Sockets Layer connections

**Customers who bring their own written user requirements can save the user requirements anaylyis cost

***For customers who prefer payment by cheque, there is a 6 month prepaid option priced at a discount